Laboratory Services

Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine offers the same standard laboratory tests as found in any medical office, including:

• Basic metabolic screenings (anemia, liver, kidney, red and white blood cells)
• Cholesterol and blood lipids
• Thyroid Tests
• PSA (prostate)
• Stool tests (ova and parasites)
• Urinalysis (infections)

In addition, Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine offers a wide array of additional tests that help practitioners and patients isolate the deeper causes of symptoms and disease. These tests include:

• Comprehensive Cardiovascular Profiles
• Heavy Metal Tests
• Digestive and Stool Analyses for infection, inflammation and yeast/parasites
• Adrenal Stress Tests to measure cortisol and DHEA levels
• Comprehensive Hormonal Profiles to evaluate male/female optimal levels which measure estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and cortisol levels. Urinary or salivary tests are available
• Allergy tests for foods and environmental sensitivities
• Thyroid Profiles
• Vitamin and Mineral tests
• Genetic Testing to assess risks for osteoporosis, heart disease, neurological diseases and detoxification ability for medications and nutrient