Paradigm COVID – 19 Protocol

Paradigm Naturopathic Covid – Safety Plan May 2020

Protocol for Patients.

All patients are notified by phone 1 business day prior to their visit to ensure they are not sick, have not travelled by plane in the past 2 weeks or have been in contact with anyone that has been sick or travelled and to be told of clinic protocols. Patients are NOT to arrive early and ONLY enter the reception area is clear otherwise they must wait in the hallway at the acceptable distance of 6ft from anyone else.  Patients (unless not possible) cannot have family members or friends attend visits with them or wait in clinic for them.


When arriving for an IV booking patient must:

  • Dr Ray is requesting that his patient text or call him on his cell when they leave their home or on their way to the clinic then he will mix up the IV
  • Patient must wear a mask- one supplied or their own- 
  • Patient then goes to sink and wash his or her hands OR wears gloves
  • Go directly to the IV chair and sit in one of three chairs available once in the chair and they are able to self distance and NOT moving around mask can be removed
  • There will only ever be 3 people max in the IV room-  this includes the doctor.

When arriving for a Naturopathic Visit Patient must:

  • Stand at door before entering IF the reception area is clear they can enter otherwise they must wait in the chair in the hallway.  IF that chair is occupied they must wait outside for 5mins and repeat
  • Once clinic is available to enter patient must wear gloves and mask either their own or those provided.  Gloves MUST be a new pair that has not been worn outside the clinic.
  • Patient will wait for Dr. to come to reception and then follow Dr. to room at a proper 6ft distance

When arriving to pick up supplements we ask that patients:

  • Phone in order so it can be prepared for them prior to them arriving
  • Pre-pay with cc over the phone 
  • Pick up product on bench at front of reception area
  • IF phoning in is not possible one must wait for reception area to be clear enter then stand at front reception area to let Cindy know what you need.  Come around to side reception to make payment

When arriving for a Massage Appointment Patient must:


  • Let Cindy know you have arrived by standing at front door of the reception area and waving and say HI!
  • Proceed to chair outside the massage side and wait until Rich or Kelsey come get you
  • RMT will then clean the chair prior to next patient
  • You will have you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds prior to entering our private treatment room either in the yoga room washroom if it is free or in the Staff Room sink
  • At the beginning of each massage the RMT will have you sit on the treatment table which will be completely sanitized between each patient and fresh linens provided.   We will review your health history and once again review any current health symptoms.  
  • Even though it is not mandatory our therapist will wear a mask in each session and offer gloves and a mask for you to wear.  Your comfort is of utmost importance to us. 
  • After the treatment we will review our findings, offer to book your next appointment and once again open all doors for you as you exit the clinic. 

Receiving Payment:

  • Whenever Possible we ask that people pre-pay with credit card over the phone prior to their visit
  • When Payment is taken in clinic we ask that people use cc or debit when possible and tap if possible
  • Please use a mask upon entering the reception area and only enter if it is clear to do
  • IF POS pin pad is touched it will be cleaned

What we have done to reduce the risk:

  • Installed plexiglass at front reception
  • Clearly mark where one says hi to Cindy and where one pays in reception area
  • Supply gloves and masks to our patients
  • Only one chair in reception that will be cleaned each time after someone has used it by Cindy
  • Dr’s are responsible for cleaning any chair or area that the patient has touched in their consult room or in the IV area.
  • Book in clinic appointments with 15min between each patient to allow time for cleaning
  • When social distancing is NOT possible all staff and patients will wear a mask and gloves.

Currently there are no Yoga Classes in the Studio – Mel is teaching exclusively online

Currently the staff room is available only to use the fridge please do not eat in the staff area.  Clean any area that you touch such as kettle, fridge handle, etc…..